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BambooVision’s mission is to create sustainable and environmentally safe products through the cultivation of bamboo. We believe bamboo is an underutilized natural resource that can replace many of the world's products that are harmful to our ecosystem. Our team is dedicated to changing how people think about using everyday products and how these products affect our world.

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Bleaf is our line of bamboo products that nourish your body and your soul, originated from an age-old heritage. The Bleaf line currently includes Bleaf Tea, Bleaf Teaset and Bleaf Bracelets. Each product was inspired by our love for nature and our hope for a greener future, created to accompany you in your relaxing time, bringing you back to your core.

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Intro: Alerted by the harmful impact of plastic straws on the eco-system, we are constantly in the search for the best alternatives to those little troublemakers. Biobiostraws works directly with manufacturers to bring eco-friendly straws that ensure function and form to the mass market.

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KKN Beteiligungs-GmbH


KKN & Partner is an investment company in Berlin, Germany which was founded in April 2018 by Mr. Nikolas Klein, Mr. Johannes Klausch, and Mr. Dschung Nguyen for the Southeast Asia Markets.


We are investing in up-coming Startups and Business Ideas which include Online Digitalisation, Technology, Cleantech, Renewable Energy, Education and New Industrial 4.0. Business Models.


WeLoveVietnam is a facebook group for the Startup Scene in Vietnam. Members of the group are Entrepreneurs, Investors and Experts in Vietnam.


KKN & Partner will use the WeLoveVietnam as a forum for further Investment, Cooperation and Recruitment of Experts.

Youarewelcome GmbH

Youarewelcome.Berlin is a professional AirBnB management which provides high-standard cleaning, check-in, maintenance services and more for Berlin.


We are offering high-quality services from our own staff, who is constantly trained, fairly paid, highly flexible and customer-orientated. Our experience and professionalism across a multitude of services are highly valued in our interaction with customers.